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April 21, 2005



Alberto - thank you. I'm pretty mid-Atlantic (born in the US, grew up in England, live back in the US for now) and even I know that just as the traditional sneer at English cuisine was unwarranted, so is the current adoration of English cuisine also somewhat unwarranted - yes some of it is among the best in the world, but 14 of the top 50 restaurants in the world!? Similarly, the US is probably over represented and then almost everyone else is under represented. Italy clearly deserves more than 3 spots. However, it is the Asian countries that are truly slighted.

Thank you for your knowledgeable discourses on Italian food. I truly appreciate them.



Owen, thanks.

As you point out, this is an Anglocentric list, but then what would have happened if this award had been organized in the US, France or Italy? Would we have "only" 14 restaurants coming from these respective nations? It's clear that there is national pride involved and that everyone roots for their home team, and while it would be great if it wasn't so it is probably expecting too much. With that in mind I have the feeling that Restaurant Magazine UK actually did a good job.

Nonetheless, you're absolutely right about Asia.

Vida Rivera

I think the British in general are crazy about restaurants that ARE NOT SERVING BRITISH FOOD PER SE. They are restaurants LOCATED in the UK but are using Frech, Italian and other cultural groups traditions in preparation and cuisine.

Asian countries have such depth and variety. And I like Latin American food. I think it is rich and diverse. Not fancy. But rich and diverse.


i agree that this whole list is flawed and it upsets me somewhat that it is getting so much attention. living in london, I have witnessed the wind of change in the local restaurant scene, that's for sure: there are more exciting restaurants opening up, some turn out to be good, some bad, but generally the sentiment prevails that although you have access to pretty much any cuisine and any type of restaurant available, it is really hard to find one where you get the expected value for your money.
But every time I read the list or hear someone referring to it, I get really angry - apart from some of the parisian ones, i have eaten at a fair number of the britsh places mentioned and some of them don't even deserve a place in the top 50 british restaurants in my humble opinion, let alone worldwide! and, come on, st. john better than louis XV? in your dreams. sketch better than le manoir? you must be joking! But apart from comparing apples with pears, it only features the US and Paris (not even France), because Brits don't travel anywhere else. It is so obvious that these are the choices of some poncy food writers with no brains of their own... (sorry for the rant, but it had to be said ;-))


Vida and Johanna, interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. I'd love to get to know both asian and Latin-American cuisines better on their home turf because what you get in Europe is IMO often a very depressing imitation.

BTW Johanna, don't worry about the rant. It was most welcome, I personally enjoyed it quite a bit :-).


Bought the magazine, flap it over in the restroom but didn't even want to finish it off, the so-called 180 page coverage... a waste of time. Thank you for your insightful thread.

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