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November 25, 2003



That's a terrific picture! I'm all for children getting involved with the cooking as long as they know not to touch the hot stove and the sharp knives. Sounds like Saami knows. I learned from my Nonna. She used to let me "help" shell the peas and beans and mush the ground meat for the meatballs, she started my love of cooking which I will hopefully pass on to my children.
Again, great photo.


so cute!


Wena: Thanks!

Deb: I'm really looking forward to Saami being a bit older and starting to play/really cook together. My story is similar to yours, cooking with my parents and aunts as a kid (mixing cake dough, shaping biscuits and so on) is one of the memories I cherish most. I too hope to pass on the love for cooking to him.


You have a very adorable son! I'm all for boys being interested in and learning to cook - afterall, food is so much more than just sustenance. Unfortunately, in alot of Asian families, most if not all the cooking is done by the women.


Renee, I agree completely with your comment on food: food is IMO our roots, culture, even personal history.
About boys and cooking: in Italy the situation is not that different, women did most of the cooking, at least till recently. My family is a bit an exception probably because of one of my grandads who really liked cooking.

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