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December 16, 2003



Alberto, this looks excellent! The only thing I love more than eggplants is eggplants with cheese, so this looks like something I have to try!

Is there an explanation behind the name "pitticelle"? Does it mean anything - other than eggplant meatballs?


This looks delicious. I've never seen this type of dish before. I'll have to give this a try. My mother and family came to the U.S. from Sicily in 1952 but she never took a liking to cooking, heh. I inherited my interest in cooking from Nonna, but she never made this dish before either. I'll have to scold her for holding out on me. It's amazing, it really does look like meat!



pitticelle is a general term for pan fried dumplings/balls (don't know the proper term in English). They're either made froma aubergines or with "rosamarina" a fish preserve consisting of very small fishes, rossetti (not baby fishes), and chili paste (Calabrian cusine is quite fiery). I don't know if the term has another meaning too. Italian dialects vary greatly even between relatively near cities. The only dialect I more or less understand is the one from Naples.



I don't think your Nonna hold out on you. Although Sicilian and Calabrese cooking have a few common point this is limited to southern Calabria. This recipe comes from the northern part of the region and therefore your Nonna probably did not know about it.

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