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December 09, 2003



mmm... the fresh goat cheese and herbs idea sounds absolutely delish! let us know how it turns out when you do try it out...
: )


I love savory scones, they're so satisfying! And all these combinations sound really good...

Have you ever tried the hot cross buns from that Ballymaloe cookbook? I have the recipe somewhere and I love hot cross buns, but it sounds a little daunting and I haven't gotten around to it yet...


I've been going back and forth with myself wanting to buy the Ballymaloe Bread Book. My book buying budget is substantially less now with a new house and a baby on the way and I've been wondering if it was worth it or if I should just save the money and get something else.


Clotilde: I haven't tried the cross buns yet but I promised I will. Daniela loves hot cross buns and soon I'll try the recipe.

Deb: It really depends what you're looking for. The ballymaloe book is great if you love scones and British-Irish baking. If you want something more general, and maybe a bit more bread centered there are quite a few better books. My favourite at the moment is "The bread baker's apprentice". I bought it for someone as an Xmas present but I'm really tempted to keep it :-)


Thanks Alberto-I think I'll pass on the Ballymaloe book and look into "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" since I've heard many good things about it from you and others who have liked it.



if, actually when, I'll come around to experimenting with other scone-cheese recipes, I'll no doubt post about it. For the herbs and cheese ones I guess I'll have to wait spring, till then my herb plants will be in winter rest.

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