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December 18, 2003




This is GORGEOUS! Wow, I'm impressed. I would have decended upon this like one of Deb's locusts. Will you please come over and teach me how to bake? :-D Yeast doesn't seem to like me all that much.


Alberto this is gorgeous and so different!
I love the snail shape so much.
I too would have been crazy enough to start a project like this after working all day and seeing the dentist, but at around 2 am I probaly would have started crying from beinf so tired. =)
For how long did you soak the fruits and nuts in the alchohol?


Deb: I soaked raisins and candied peel while toasting, peeling, blanching nuts. So I would say between 20 and 30 minutes. The raisins I used were not that dry so maybe one should take that in account too.

Blue: Teach you how to bake? I would be flattered; if I ever come to the US I'll keep a couple of days for you :-)). Since that will probably not happend in the next future I'll give you one or two tips: get a good bread book. Just one, I would choose one of Peter Rehinart's books, they have great explanations. Read it through and try to make the concepts yours before baking. And then try, try and try again. If I think about my first breads I have to admit they were sad, flavourless heaps of dough. Still one success (a baguette) made me crave for that feeling of accomplishment when everything works right. With bread, I feel, one always has the feeling that something can still be improved. It's always a trial and error process. Also I can't help thinking that baking has a certain "spiritual" side. Quantities matter only realtively (except for pastry, there you want to be exact). It's more to do with feeling: feeling if the dough has the right springy-ness, a feeling for how much the dough has to rise, to bake and so on. One gets these feelings through experience. (Gosh, when I say these things I always have to think about Pat Morita in Karate kid! Who nows maybe one day someone should write "The zen of baking".) OK maybe some of us are more "dough sensible" than others, but one can still learn.


I fell onto your sight-looking for a recipe for pinoli cookies...I am glad I did...I recently took up to baking like, yes, "a fish to water"..want to hear from you...want to get better...Lauren

jen madsen

can you give me the recipe for the pingoli cookies.
I can't find one.


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