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January 09, 2004


Matt Kerner

Two guesses about the dough from my experience trying to recreate the empanadas I had in Galicia.

You're right that using a solid fat would help. Lard would be traditional, but shortening would work. The solid fat produces steam which gives the dough flakiness.

The dough also needs some form of leavening. In Galicia this would traditionally be done with yeast, but I was never able to get the results I wanted with yeast. Baking soda however worked quite well for me.


Matt, thanks for the tip about the baking powder. will no doubt try that next time.


looks alot like the curry puffs we get here.

gotta take a picture and show you one day.

Matt Kerner

Alberto -- Note that it's soda not powder that does the leavening in the dough. I'm not sure that powder would be a good solution.


Wena: I'll be waiting for the picture. Any chance of getting a recipe too, so I can try them myself :-)?

Matt: thanks for correcting me! I often mix the two up. Just for curiosity's sake: are the two much different in the States? In Germany b. powder is made up of b. soda (ca. 40%) and other stuff too.

Bob Harrison

A nice empanada pastry recipe I use is

275 g plain flour
a half teaspoon of salt
100g of margerine/lard mixed
100ml dry white wine.

Wop the fat, salt and flour into a blender and
go to breadcrumb stage. Whilst whirring add wine and go to a dough stage. Kneed a little - enough to get things together then into
a ball and refrigerate for two hours. Coat with egg as a finale - enjoy


Bob, thanks for the tip. The recipe looks great, especially the white wine for water substitution. I'll definitely try it next time I make empanadas.

Martin Cleary

I just cooked empanadas using your recipe but with a little less tuna, as suggested. I also added a small can of tomato puree. I used "Bob's Pastry".

Briefly, these emapanadas were a great success. Yummy filling & pastry just the right strength to roll thinly yet pliant & light.

I did find a little too much liquid in the filling mix, & had to drain.Instead, might try adding a little cornflour next time


Martin, thank you for the feedback. And good tip there with the cornstarch!

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