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January 23, 2004



Oh Alberto, can I come and eat at your house? This looks scrumptious... :)


Clotilde, if you should happen to be around I'd be proud to have such a famous blogger as guest ;-) (and Maxence clearly too). I would even prepare an aubergine-themed menu for you (yes, even the sweets!)


Oh boy, now you are really tempting me!! Remind me whereabout in Germany you live? And how fast can a train get me there? :)

Oh and aubergines for dessert? I once ate at a restaurant in Paris, where the signature dessert was a crepe with an eggplant cardamom filling. It was absolutely delicious!


Alberto, the sandwich sounds fantastic, and very interesting politico-historical analysis to boot.

In New York City, stalls selling sausage sandwiches with onions and peppers are ubiquitous at every street fare. But, these are nothing like what you wrote about. Very greasy, with nondescript bread. The eggplant and scamorza sound delicious.


Clotilde: I live in Jena, not too close too Paris but not too far if the temptetiongets too strong ;-). About aubergines and dessert: there's a specialty form Amalfi, chocolate aubergines, which sounds more starnger than it tatses... tempted ;-)))

Josh: Thanks. I agree with the point you make on bread: IMO a good panino starts with a good roll or bread. Even the nicest "stuffing" needs a proper "box" to contain it.


bellissimo, il tuo excursus divulgativo sulla festa dell'unità! I'm adding a note about Italians being divided by a common sausage: it's obiquitous in the north, too, but (luckily for me) with no garlic.


grazie rose, e complimenti per il tuo blog ed i tuoi interessanti posts.

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