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January 12, 2004



oohh oohh oohh.... drooling too much.

sigh. wonder if i'll ever get to eat great western food as such?


Happy Belated Birthday to Daniela! Sounds like a fabulous meal Alberto, and it seems like what you enjoyed negated the parts of the meal that you didn't like, so that it was still a wonderful experience.

I too spend a lot of time observing the diners around me when we are out to dinner. Being that I'm also a photographer I often find myself wishing to photograph them too, which of coarse I would NEVER do but the urge is sometimes very strong. Heh, I feel funny about taking a picture of my own meal when dining out, could you imagine tapping the table next to you and asking them for a photo!! ;oP


Wena: what about a trip to the old continent?

Deb: thanks from Daniela. Taking pictures of people? never thought of that... on the other hand ;-)))...
From your comment I suspect I made things sound worst than they were. The dinner was great: after all 2 (actually 1 and 1/2, the venison meat was very good) from (all considering) 10 courses is IMO a very good meal!


trip to the old continent? fuhyo! can't afford it at the moment. so, gotta shelf that trip for awhile.

perhaps one fine day. i wouldn't mind going back to germany. eating everything was ... wah!


Well Wena if you happen to be around here anytime just write a mail. There's always a guest bed free.
P.S. Daniela was asking if you'd maybe bring your granny along ;-)). We're both really impressed from her cooking. Funny how you long for good european food and we would almost give a leg for good asian!

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