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January 02, 2004



hmmm...they look so delicious. the only place in kuching that i can find bread sticks is at hilton hotel. think i'll pop by at 5 pm to see if they have any leftovers which they would always sell at half price then. :)


What a coincidence this is. I just had my first parmesan chips about 2 weeks ago at a restaurant here in NYC. We went to Remi which is Tuscan cuisine and I had ordered the antipasto plate as an appetizer. Along with the cured meats and other goodies on the plate where some fried polenta "toasts" served in a parmesan chip basket. The basket was delicious, I'm so glad to learn that parmesan chips are easy to make, what a great edible garnish for parties. I'm sure your friends were very impressed. I am! =o)


Wena, thanks and good luck at the hilton :-)

Deb, Ithank you for the compliments. I was also surprised by how easy Parmesan chips are. I had tried them before without succes (burned crumbly things was all I got). The butter is the secret. Just a thin layer, otherwise the chips will be very fatty.


I made a terrible mistake, Remi restaurant celebrates the food of Venice, sheesh I just ate there and still got the type of cuisine wrong!


Can the parmesan crisps be made ahead and then re-heated to crisp them up?


pam, there are two types of parmesan chips: crunchy or still slightly chewy in the center. The latter have to be made to order. The crispy one should keep a while: I've read that some restaurants keep them for a couple of days, but never tried myself. If I make them, they just don't live long enough to see the light of another day ;-).

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