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January 08, 2004



hey! the link for the bolognese doesn't work! i'm curious to know how to cook it properly!

as for authentic food, i hate eating chinese food overseas and will usually avoid them like a plague. same thing in singapore but that's becoz i dunno where to find the good chinese restaurant. sorry renee! :)

but! there is a good german chef here that makes real mean western dishes. yum.


Sorry Wena, should work now. If it doesn't tell me and I'll mail it to you.


no worries. :) thx for fixing the link.

must try it out one day and impress my granma. unfortunately, like most chinese, she doesn't quite like western dining. :(


hey you are way too entirely obssesed with cooking get out there and do some other stuff

cooking sure...its awesome

but there is other stuff to do then spend like 3 hours writing out that rrrreeeeeeaaaaalllyyyy long thingy for no reason

ok im done


am I obsessed with food? Well yes, but not more than many Italians. Food's something we can talk about for hours because far from only being "food" it is a part of our social life. I don't expect others to see things the same way and I do understand that for people with an Anglo-saxon cultural background (yep US falls there too) this seems excessive. For you there's no reason to write something like this while for me there are many. On the other hand I don't go and insult, although in a humourous way I appreciated, people who don't see things as I do.

And just for the sake of it: it took me 45 minutes to write this and, no, this is not the only thing I do in my life. I do quite a bit of other stuff which doesn't just fit here.

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