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February 18, 2004



hi alberto,
this is very interesting... it's never occurred to me that marble cake is a "children cake". to me, it was always represented as a "grown up cake"... rich and buttery, and served as a "coffee cake" at afternoon tea.
: )

oh, btw, I especially love the chocolate bits too! ; )


Funny how our own perspective can be so different from that of other people. I never would have thought of marble cake as coffe- or tea- cake. It must be cause I'm Italian: we're not big tea drinkers and coffee is usually eaten with cornetto, our version of croissant.


This cake looks delicious! I've never made marble cake, and I think I have only ever had Savane, the industrially made but delicious one that's very popular in France... I'll have to give this a try!


Clotilde, do. It's really easy, quick (it took me 15 minutes to mix it up) and IMO tastes better than any commercial one, which I must agree sometimes taste quite good. Let me know how it turns out!

jessica mills

hi 2 every 1 i know it's jessica mills ere and its me mums birthday on monday and i would like 2 make her a really nice birthday cake tha she would remember

siz ya all for now luv jessica


i tried this, and it came out excellent! the cooking time was much shorter for me, actually. must be my wacky french oven.

and you're right, the grated chocolate does make it more 'grown up'!



happy it came out nice Isabelle, cooking times are always relative. After 4 years I still don't get my oven: it is just weird!


hi alberto
i really enjoyed reading all about your sweets from italy, but after living in italy for 3 years, what i miss the most now that I am back in the US is cornetto's! americans are missing out here, you must write about them! thinking of a cornetto now!



great suggestion. I think cornetto will definitely be me next baking project. If I'm succesfull I'll definitely post about it.

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