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February 06, 2004


emily b. hunt

No suggestions, sadly, but I just wanted to wish you luck! The peppers look beautiful, and as long as you watch the seeds, you should be able to hang onto at least some of your taste buds!


:-) Thanks, emily. I have to say my tastebuds are quite well trained, I'm more worried about Daniela's... hopefully she will not get me arrested for tastebud-icide ;-)


sorry, no suggestions either... but just wanted to say: very pretty pic... beautiful colors : )


keep the chilli seeds and grow them. they make attractive plants in the kitchen. granny would grow them but because we consume chilli in huge amounts, we always end up buying them from the market! she grows her own thai chillis. be careful when you eat those small chillis. they are very very hot! she eats them at every meal by putting small slices and some soy sauce in a little sauce dish. we then eat a small slice with our meals. to make the soy sauce more spicy, press down on the chillis to get the juice into the soy sauce.

i agree with emily. the seeds are the hottest part of the plant. if you remove the seeds, your dish will not be so hot.

to cool down your mouth, take some sugar. amazing stuff is sugar! :)

as for the habanero, how about a mexican dish? :)


Renee: thanks, although I think afterwards that the blue dish makes the other colours a bit too "intense"

Wena: I had some of the Thai chiles, you're right! One of my next posts will describe the comeout of this encounter in more detail :-). I used to grow my own chiles too but I still have loads frozen as I only use them sparingly. Also I don't have that much space for plants and I'm planning on growing some new herbs so no chile plants for the moment. Now if I had my own garden....

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