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February 01, 2004



count me in!
my contribution will be a new take on an Italian classic winter soup: "Pasta & Fagioli With Cumberland Sausage" which I will prepare for the first time on burning blog day... can't wait!


Carlo, that sounds great: an Italian classic with a British touch, a bit like yourself maybe? :-)


hello- Inspired by your post - I made tom yam soup for lunch.

Posted up the pic at www.xanga.com/kitchenslave



What a fun idea! I made Khao Soi, a spicy and creamy Northern Thai curry noodle soup with chicken. I've also provided a recipe. It perhaps is the spiciest of all the entries. We shall see.


P.S. Since you're reading David Thompson's book, you might want to check out my review of his restaurant in London, Nahm. It is also on my blog.


Kitchenslave and Pim, happy you joined in! I'll be posting a list of all those who took part later this week (to wait maybe for some late entries).

Pim: Interesting review. You're not the first person I hear complaning about how disappointing Nahm is. A quite famous Italian restaurant reviewer wrote, more or less, that "it's a pity his cooking isn't even near to his writing". What do you think of his book?



RE: the Nahm review, yeah, I was really disappointed. The book looks great, though I've never cooked from it. The food at the restaurant, on the other hand, was mediocre at best.


The Soup Lady

I can't believe that I missed this.


I can't belive I didn't find your blog before! Good luck for the bloggies!


Thought some of you might like to try some of my antique recipes:

Bon a'petit and all that jazz :)

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