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February 08, 2004


Jackie D

Wow, I adore trout (smoked or otherwise), and I love fish chowders, so I think I must try this one. Well done!

emily b. hunt

Looks great. If only the weather here had cooperated, perhaps we could have contributed a bread soup to the day...Sadly, a sunny, bright and hot day is not one for a bread soup!


I will have to try making this, it looks amazing.


Emily... you lucky.... sorry just an envious frozen Italian :-)))

Donna and Jackie: thanks! Hope you like it when you try it out.


alberto, this looks and sounds really wonderful!

this is something I would really like to try out... only trick would be to wait for one of those "cool, chilly" nights when we get down to 21 C here in Singapore!

very beautiful soup!


I'm getting the very slight feeling :-) that you lucky people, enjoying warm weather at the moment, are slightly pulling my leg... or maybe I'm just paranoid :-). Now excuse me, I'll go and de-frost my nose ;-))).

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