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March 19, 2004



hey Alberto,
a very happy birthday to you!
hope you have a wonderful dinner and night out! : )

and the top baguettes look far from so-so, they look wonderful


happy birthday alberto. *beams some chinese long life noodles for alberto - star trekkie style*.

ingenious idea : building blocks. kiddy style.

emily b. hunt

I'll try and convince Chris to use this new-fangled internet thing to look at your entry and figure out if you can do something a little better. Otherwise, Happy Birthday anyway!


Renee: thanks, maybe I'm too picky. The top baguettes were OK but they still missed something I can't describe in flavour and the crust, although looking good, could have been crunchier. Yep, probably I am of difficult tastes.

Wena: Thanks for the noodles :-)

Emily: Thanks for the happy birthday wishes and if Chris ever decides to give this "internet-thingy" a look I'll be most thankfull!


Your baguette "pan" is wonderful. I love the inventions that come out of necessity when one is baking at home and the right equipment is not readily available.
As for baguette recipes that work, well, I too have yet to find one. I have not (yet) attempted to try Silverton's recipe but I was just reading her bread book and she believes that the best baguettes are made from a sourdough starter. "My rustic sourdough baguettes look different: They're a warm, carmelized brown instead of pale gold, their ends are pointy and irregular rather than rounded and smooth, and the crust is thicker than that of yeasted baguettes, so you do need a strong tooth to bite through it."
Silverton gives her measurements in mass units as well as cups by the way.


Deb, happy you liked the baguette pan. It ain't perfect but I guess I can improve it still.
BTW you've convinced me :-), after all the good stuff you said I just ordered Silverton's book!

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