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March 01, 2004



i luv naan bread. so yummy.

the ones that i see here in malaysia are not as big as the ones i saw in UK!!

keeping my fingers crossed for good indian food in singapore next week. :)


Those naan look unbelievable. I'm looking forward to trying them. Efforts like this is why blogging about food is so useful. Thanks!


Wena: have fun in Singapore!

Dave: I'm speachless... and blushing too :-). Thanks!


hey alberto, these look great!
the method sounds great too! wow, you're amazing! kudos to you for fine-tuning all the details for us.
I'm sitting here typing this and thinking: yeah, I'm definitely going to try this out... but I know I'll be lazy, and just pop out for a naan! : p

but I'm definitely filing this one (hope you don't mind)... and when the naan making mood strikes, I'll be ready : )


Wow, that looks great. I will have to try it since I've never been successful making naan so far. Thanks Alberto!


Renee: I perfectly understand the "being lazy" part :-), if I had a nice Indian hawker or take-away close I probably wouldn't have done the effort. But if you try this someday let me know!

Maki: thanks! have fun with the baking!


I ve also been making my own naan for a while now and have ended with a recipe very similar to yours! Sure it doesn t give the same result a tandoori oven would, but the freshness and the satisfaction of having made it yourself compensates hugely!
Glad to know others are doing this!


Chloe: I too am happy to see I'm not the only one doing this. And nice to know our recipes are similar!


Hey Alberto,
I finally tried your Naan, with some small changes. Did yours come out soft or crispy? Mine were crispy. Hope you don't mind the post I did.


Dave, there's no reason why I should mind your post in any way. I am actually honoured that you went on and tried the recipe!
After reading your post I can only guess one or two reasons why your naans could have turned out crunchy. The dough should be quite soft, not sticky but only a tad drier than that. I also suspect you baked them a little too long. In my oven 5 minutes are just enough to have a cooked but still soft naan. Sometimes 4 are enought too. If I leave them longer they do indeed turn out quite crunchy. You might have to play a bit around with your oven. They might have also turned crunchy if you didn't wrap them in a cloth (since you didn't mention if you did). If left to cool unwrepped they get really hard. At least they tasted good :-)


Thanks for the suggestions Alberto.
I did wrap them but not until they were out of the oven for an hour (sick kid and all, had other things going on). I'll post again when I try. Good Naan are definitely worth pursuing. Thanks again.



sera f

What is ghee? I love your blog. Good job on the naan, I will try some this weekend. Check out my blog at chefsera.blogspot.com.

Happy baking to you!


sera, ghee is in short clarified butter.

You can find more info here:


Have fun blogging and good luck with your culinary school studies. Ciao!

Sera F

Do you have a good recipe for sfogliatelle(lobster tail pastry). I saw it on foodtv in the states and was wondering if you have a good recipe with your awesome baking and being Italian. Can you blog on this subject if you do happen to make it? Thank you! Your blog is awesome and I always look to see what you've baked. I keep on going back and forth in deciding what to do after culinary school, start cooking in a restruant or go back to school for pastry arts! I can't make my mind up yet, but I really do like to bake and I love your blog.


Sera, I've never tried making sfogliatelle myself since it's a lot of work and I always chickened out of it... still, it might be a challenge. I'll think about it. If I do you'll be the first to know :-)

Enka and Manju

Hi, we were looking on the internet for naan's recipes and we found yours. It looks very yummy but its kind of difficult to make it. We will set aside a Saturday away just to make naans. Yeah its gonna be tasty.
Thank you for the recipe!


Hi, it seems kind of difficult from the description, but it's mainly because I tried to make clarity on as meny details as I could. If you try it out you'll see it's not much more complex than doing naan with a straight yeasted dough.


Hello Alberto,

I just recently discovered Indian cuisine and found another favorite foods to enjoy. Thank you so much for this naan recipe. Now, I've got to find a good tandoori chicken recipe. ;)

One request, can you develope a good pita bread recipe? I buy pita bread commercially but it doesn't tastes as good as the one's they serve at Greek restaurants. One can buy good pita bread at these restaurants but pay fifty cents a piece. Way too expensive for me. Hope you can help?


Jean, I tried a few chicken tandoori recipes and I guess that one really needs a tandoor for that ;-).

Regarding pitas: pita is essentially a very simple yeasted dough (wholemeal or white). I make them every now and then and what you need to get them right is, in my experience:

- a very hot oven and possibly a baking stone (heated for at least 30 minutes, 1 hour is better) or, missing that, a baking sheet turned upside down as baking surface.

- avoid rolling the dough too thin, otherwise the pitas woun't puff up like they should. I think 1/8 in. (3-4 mm) is a good thickness.

for a recipe look here: http://recipes.egullet.org/recipes/r707.html


Thanks Alberto! :)


i luv naan it's soooo.................... yummy

luv 4rm sxc

cheeky monkey

Indian naan is the best.


cheeky monkey,
real Indian naan definitely rules, but not everyone is so luky to have a source for this delicious flatbread in their vicinity, so we have to find a way to quench our thirst for good naan the best way we can ;-).


Purely by chance I stumbled upon your blog and was pleasantly surprised to find this receipt. My only suggestion is to use black onion seeds or, nowadays more commonly known as nigella seeds, for authenticity and taste. And thanks for the receipt!!!

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