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March 05, 2004



Way to go! After a month of complete rejection of all foods mushy and flavorless, we started feeding our child what we eat. She now eats like a champ and is actually becoming adventurous. She, like her parents, is NOT an Atkins' eater. She loves starch. We don't eat enough veggies but since we're ALL eating together, we've actually started eating more veggies for oursake.


alberto, this is spooky (again...)
i just went back to the computer after a few days and decided to read a few blogs i like before writing my post on - guess what - baby food!

the undercurrents of food blogging ;-)



As you may know, this topic is very interesting to me in light of my just having a baby. One of the things I was making myself crazy over while I was pregnant were food labels, especially in food marketed towards babies and children. The amount of salt, sugar and preservatives and chemicals is apalling. I decided that Ellie would eat what we eat when the time came for her to eat solids. We'd take the precautionary steps of not introducing certain foods until immunity to certain allergies built up but I'd much rather do it my way than be told to give her something I don't think is good for her.

As for chopsticks, my husband is Asian and so I've already informed him that the task of teaching Ellie how to use them falls on him. ;o)


Dave: nice to know there are others sharing a similar experience. We can't give Saami what we eat because he's still a little "underprivileged in the teeth dept." :-), but we're looking forward to it. He sure is attracted by what's on our plate.

Carlo: :-), le coincidenze della vita? Interesting post, and good luck with the upcoming fight against "baked beans and co."

Deb: It's interesting to read your comment because it depicts almost an opposite situation as mine. In Germany baby food has to comply to really strict "standards", almost no preservative and no trace of chemicals, especially if labelled Bio i.e. ecological. Sugar can be a problem though. Still the commercial baby-food is/tastes terrible. Good luck with Ellie when she'll starts on solids. It can be frustrating at first (we had to paint our kitchen again ;-)) but it's only a matter of time till the "little monsters" start to behave :-).


My oldest friend married a Chinese man and has lived in Taiwan for almost 20 years -- her kids learned to use chopsticks just like Saami is in the photo -- by goofing off with them, by watching their parents, and with a little help eventually. I have wonderful memories of feeding Anya noodles with chopsticks -- she's open her little mouth just like a bird and wait for one of us big people to feed her some noodles.


hi alberto,
another late comment to a previous post... I do apologize... sometimes I just can't seem to fit all the blog reading into each day!
I think almost all Chinese babies are started on rice porridge/congee at a pretty young age... some as early as 3-4 mths?
the porridge is really cooked down to almost a liquid. and this forms the basis for introduction to all other foods, with no or little risk of allergy. vegetables like carrots etc are cooked in the porridge and mashed into the gruel... then later, fish, chicken, pork or eggs are added to the porridge and so on... next step would be very soft steamed fish or chicken with porridge... it makes for nice variation in tastes and nutrition... then it's just a natural progression to eating whatever the adults are eating, with chopsticks or not, depending on family environment.
and before we know it, they are happily eating up noodles and even spicy food.
very few Chinese babies eat ready-prepared (i.e. store bought) baby food... or at least I don't of any : ), so I actually don't know what these taste like.


Charlotte and Renee: thank you for the interesting info. I always wondered about the chopsticks, now I know.

Renee, regarding the babyfood... you're not missing anything ;-))

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