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April 21, 2004



very nice post! really enjoyed it.
hmmm... now to fix myself a panino... pronto!


Thanks Renee! And what's in your panino :-)?


Here in Manila there is a shop called Area Cafe that has a great panino. They call it Il Greco and it contains a nice tomato base sauce with strips of fresh basil. The main stuff inside is the grilled eggplant and the feta cheese. It is grilled/pressed and warm. This is our favorite! Simple and very tasty.


Samaritan, that's the nice thing with panini. They come in so many kinds that there's something for every taste.

Patricia Meyer


I am a creative writer. I would like to use some of the facts about paninis you have on your site. Could you please call me at 1-512-236-3659 or email me to discuss. I need to know what sources you used. I have a deadline for tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you,
Patricia Meyer

Jack Lito

I'm looking for a recipe for frazilles.Not sure about the spelling but they are hard rolls made with lard and lots of black pepper .Can anyone email me with the recipe please .Thank you, Jack.


mine favorites are

spacatella (very soft bread) with ricotta infornata with melanzane
ciabatina with speck ald provola (mozzarela affumicata)



Jack: I don't know what frazilles are. Any more info about them? Where they come form, etc?

ves: your panini sound delicious.

Opal Girtman

Please subscribe me--Many Thanks- Opal Girtman

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