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April 18, 2004



Alberto, your cake looks fantastic in the picture! Perhaps you have cunningly hidden any damage ;-). I'm never sure how to get chocolate shavings onto the sides of cakes either - at least with nuts you can gently throw them at the cake and many of them will stick, without damaging the icing too much.


Alberto, this looks absolutely perfect! I love Black Forest Gateaux, but rarely get a chance to eat one let alone make one (its never on restaurant menus and Dave hates cherries and BFG with a passion, so poor me!). I think the coating of chocolate on the sides looks pretty good, despite the issues you had. I don't know of any other options to get the chocolate to adhere - I do remember reading a truely horrific suggestion though... The article advocated rolling the filled cake over a line of nuts/chocolate on a countertop!!!!! Can you imagine doing that? Eek!


Alberto your cake is gorgeous! I adore Black Forest Cake and don't eat nearly enough of it. I too have had a lot of trouble trying to get nuts on the sides of cakes, if there was a tool that could be invented to achieve this task I would SO buy it!
I'm still finding the occasional nut on my kitchen floor from a cake I tried to coat way back in November! Anyway, lovely lovely cake, very impressive my friend.


Well aren't I the sleep deprived dummy! I Just reread your post and realized you were talking about having trouble getting chocolate, not nuts to stick to your cake...oops!


I'm on such a sugar high from reading all the cake entries! was up till 5am last night, or this morning actually, trying to get round to as many as possible.
and now, several cups of coffee later, I'm back for round 2!
ack! caffeine and sugar... not a wise combination. but heck, anything for cakes, right?

I think the cake looks mighty grand, Alberto. rather impressive icing and decorating of the cake if you ask me.

black forest cake... used to have it so regularly... but not in a while... and now my appetite is whet for a piece again...


Excellent job, Alberto! I remember sharing large slices of Black Forest Cake with my mother when I was a little girl, and your version looks almost exactly like the one they had at our local bakeshop... Thanks for reminding me to go out and get some!


Meg: Thanks. well, I did cunningly hide the side of the cake that got flattened out a bit. Didin't ask yourself why you only see one part of the cake :-)?

Angela: Happy you liked it. I didn't think of the cake rolling trick and probably wouldn't have done it for this one. But I can imagine it would work for a cake with a somewhat harder frosting than plain whipped cream. Thanks for the tip anyway it might come in handy

Deb: Thanks! And, from one sleep deprived dummy to another ;-): nuts, chocolate... isn't the principle the same? those little b*****ds just won't stick

Renee: thanks! should I prepare you a digestive tea ;-)?

Ria: happy to have brought some childhood memories back and thanks for the compliments!

James T. Savidge


Could you get the chocolate shavings on the cake by blowing them on?

You could try sprinkling a small amount of the shavings on a sheet of paper, putting the paper near the cake and _gentling_ blowing toward the cake.

Repeat as needed.

James T. Savidge, Monday, April 19, 2004


James, thanks for the tip, I'll try it out next time

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