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April 23, 2004


emily b. hunt

I have not read The Making of a Chef--though I did read The Soul of a Chef. If it hadn't been for Chris's insistance that the substance was worthwhile, I never would have gotten passed the first few pages.

Ruhlman is just not a very good writer. His sentences are bad. His sentences are so bad that you notice them, and then want to throw the book against a wall. But Chris is right, his content is interesting... And Chris claims that Ruhlman's newer book on pediatric cardiac surgery is really written quite well. I'm not sure if I believe him.


Emily, thanks for the comment. As a non-native speaker I think I often miss noticing a lot of grammar-synthax details in my and other people's writing. So I prize your opinion. I might add that I read both "making..." and "soul.." and I found the writing in the latter stiffer and not as good as in "making...", especially the first part on the master chef test. There are also other things that I didn't like about "soul..." but that would be too long a topic to discuss it here.
What I appreciated about both books was not only the content, which I agree is good, but also the fact that he did, at least in my case, manage to give me a certain three-dimensional real life feel about the people in his book.


Hi Alberto-
I have not yet read "The Making of a Chef" but now its on my ever growing list of books I'm very interested in reading. I recently made a veloute for the first time and it was sinfully delicious. I would like to eventually learn how to make the classic sauces but its something that I dont see myself doing on a regualar basis, what with the little time I have these days. I'm afraid I'm guilty of not making homemade stock as much as I should, which is something I really need to be better at fitting into my cooking must dos.

enoch choi

i've blogged on ruhlman's books as well:


Hey There - I've just launched a new site and thought people in the FoodBlogger Ring might be interested. If you like hot sauce or spicy foods, we've got a great selection. We've also got a recipe section and we're looking for hot sauce, hot wings, mole and salsa recipes. You can check us out at http://www.sweatnspice.com - Thanks! And your blog is great!


Deb: Stock making is something I refused to do for a lot of time. Now I just plan a day when I do something like 20-15 litres in one go. That gets reduced to 1/4 to 1/10 (concentrated stock!!) and frozen. Admittedly I use stock sparingly so it lasts a while.

enoch:thanks for the interesting link

Nick: thanks, and good luck with your website

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