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April 13, 2004


emily b. hunt

I would love to have even a vague reason to own a truffle slicer.


Hi Alberto-
Oh the skeletans in my kitchen are frightening! Actually I've become a lot better at curbing the shopping sprees due to space limitations in our kitchen too, but now I've been spending a lot of my disposable income on cookbooks, which have now reached a frightening, bordering on insane number! I could kick myself for giving away my v-slicer which is the poor mans mandoline, a tool which I never used, gave away and now suddenly find myself wanting again. oi!


emily: having a reason to have a truffle slicer is probably easier than one thinks, especially for those living in Italy: Apart the two really expensive black (from Norcia) and white (from Alba) truffles there are at least three other "poor man's truffles" :). Summer truffles are easier to find in shops and cheaper. Sure they are not as aromatic as the "real deal" but can be quite delicious all the same.

Deb: don't even get me started on books :-)))))!


It's not that I have too many gadgets, just insufficient storage space. Aiyaya!

Meg in Paris

Alberto, this one certainly rings a bell for me - the bottom drawer in my kitchen is full of these things. My problem is that some of them were given to me by my mother-in-law and I hate to throw them away in case she asks...and then I hate to throw ANYTHING away if it might still be useful somewhere to someone. Anyone want a sandwich grill machine (for normal bread, not panini) with an English plug?? A big shaker for (I assume) powdered cocoa?? At least I gave away the deep fat fryer the last time we moved! ;)


Meg, your kitchen sounds like that at my parents place... I'm still far from reaching these peaks of cooking tool-owning perfection ;-))). But I too have a "mother in law" presents problem, although not which kitchen tools!


Funny, this post. I was thinking about a friend who has a wacky extended family. Whenever they get together, they have some kind of contest that entails bringing things with them. A few thanksgivings ago, the competition was to bring the weirdest kitchen gadget you could find and see how many people could tell you what it was for! It quickly deteriorated into a game that was more like name the funniest non-kitchen job for a funny kitchen tool. The pastry crimper has quite a few disturbing choices, evidentally.


Debz, that sounds like a family meeting I'd really enjoy attending! What were the choices for the pastry crimper ,-)?

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