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April 15, 2004



I love artichokes made in all different ways, except the stuffed, watery, over-cooked version favored by Italian American restaurants over here.

My favorite artichokes were the little tiny ones we used to by when we lived near Watsonville, Ca. I brasied them with olive oil, garlic, lemon, and kosher salt.


Loretta, tiny braised artichokes sound delicious. I never had them that way since in Italy (when I still lived there) they're inevitably used for preserves. If I ever find some again I'll definitely try them your way.

The stuffed watery artichokes you mention sound to me like a badly made version of the stuffed artichokes you find anywhere in Italy (the stuffing is what varies from region to region). When properly made they're great. They should be cooked upside down so the leaves/bracts are braised while the hearts get steamed from the cooking liquid vapours. At the end there should be almost no liquid left more a sort of thick sauce. When done properly, delicious, but more a home dish than a restaurant one cause they do take time.

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