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May 04, 2004



Happy 40th birthday Nutella! I have fond memories of going shopping with my grandmother on Saturday mornings - after we'd been to the bakers for some still-warm bread, we'd stop off at the grocers and buy a couple of small portion packets of Nutella and gorge ourselves when we got home. Gran was as much of a Nutella fan as me, hence she only let me have the little packs in case I got a sugar-high :)

I've tasted quite a few hazelnut/choc spreads over the years and like you found that none of them compare to Nutella. I hope it sticks around for another 40 years!


ooh! I LOVE nutella. heh! to think I've been eating it all my life, but never knew it was of Italian origins! how facinating!
yeah, I agree... I've tried quite a few of the other brands... but they are all pretenders to the throne... the crown still sits squarely on Nutella's cap! ; )
to this day... I eat it with peanut butter, on its own, on bread, on crackers, on digestives... ok, I think you get the drift... and lately, thoughts of putting nutella in cakes and other things I bake have been plaguing me! LoL.


Credo che la nutella sia un po' il nostro burro di arachidi. And, am I the only one to think that nutella can taste different from different pots?
I've been to Alba a few weeks ago, and I found actually seeing the Ferrero plant quite moving, even if the place is ridden with the smell that always plagues chocolate factories.
Sometimes, when I feel uncomfortable with the massively industrial nature of the product, I turn to those nice organic/old farm recipe surrogates now available: good, but not the same. Never.


Renee, Nigella has a recipe for Nutella Cake (or torta alla gianduia) in How To Be A Domestic Goddess. I've made a variation of it and is is extremely rich and decadent - it uses an entire large jar of Nutella (but the bonus is the recupe doesn't contain any extra sugar)
You can find the recipe here:
(PS - a few weeks ago when I was writing a particularly awful assignment for uni, I managed to eat an entire large jar of Nutella, spoon by bulging spoon over 3 days....I kept *meaning* to stop, but........)


I just started wondering why my dear husband bought nutella and hid it in the cupboard. now i see. but i havent found the rest of the choci-stuff. btw your webside is getting better and better. love d.


Angela: one of the reasons for my Nutella liking is without any doubt the memories that childhood are connected to it. Today even the fights I had with my brother over Nutella as a kid seem nice.

Renee: Nutella is great in cakes! One of the first cakes I ever baked was a Nutella crostata: a shortcut pastry crust filled with nutella (or for a somewhat lighter, version nutella and ricotta) and covered by the typical crostata dough lattice pattern.

Rose: A pensarci hai perfettamente ragione, ma tra noccioline e nutella non ho dubbi su quale sia meglio! Thanks for the Nutella plant "memory", I've always asked myself what it would be like in there.

Niki: Thanks for the recipe link!


daniela: there's nothing as hopless as trying to hide something from you :-)


Who needs Happy Pills?

Mine is a thick slice of pain campagne, toasted, slathered liberally with globs of Nutella.

Works every time.



Nutella is also made by Nestlé, a big evil corporation that cuts down the rainforests. I resist it for that reason. You should, too...


J, to my knowledge Ferreo (the company behind Nutella) and Nestle have no contact point whatsoever. Nestle does produce a similar spread which IMO is pretty lame.
BTW: there are plenty of resons to boycott Nestle, if one wants to, IMO the rain forest one is probably not the worst. But that's a personal decision... you can't expect everyone to see things as you do.


Hey Alberto! Just surfing your site today and found out that we both posted about Nutella around the same time! I didn't know it was the 40th anniversary; my ruminations began on a more mundane level, wondering about the strange preponderance of chocolate sandwiches in the Italian part of Switzerland. What a cool coincidence! :)
Here is the link to my post on May 1: http://crumbs.everywherebuthere.com/archives/000011.html


Theresa, as you say, another food blogging coincidence! It happens so often I'm starting to get scared ;-)). Is there a big "chef" up there influencing our cooking thoughts?


I wish i wasnt fat so i could eat nutella EVERY DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


scrivo in italiano che mi viene meglio :-P
nutella è nata per sbaglio, nel senso che in origine quello che dovevano fare quel giorno era il "gianduiotto" cioccolatino cremoso alla nociola, l'operaio che mischiava gli ingredienti ha fatto uno sbaglio grossolano, e la consistenza di quello che dovevano diventare cioccolatini era di minor densita, una crema spalmabile insomma. l'operaio venne licenziato e la crema venne svenduta tra l'operai dello stabilimento e lo spacio della fabrichetta. :-D
il resto è storia. l'operaio pero nn venne riasunto.
ps. io piu della nuttella amo visceralmente la Crema Novi con la quale faccio una crostata superlativa http://www.isognatori.com/vesnuccia/articolo.asp?id=18

ingredienti=nocciole (45%), zucchero, cacao magro (9%), latte scremato in polvere (5%), burro di cacao, emulsionante lecitina, aromi

per magiori info su crema novi confrontata alla nutella: http://www.cibo360.it/alimentazione/cibi/dolci/nutella.htm


I buy Nutella every week for my kids who love it. I have to buy the largest jar because otherwise it would not last out the week. You know what bugs me about that?
It's the shape and depth of the jar. When I get to the bottom I can't get out the Nutella without getting it on the top of the knife or on my hands. I don't care for that very much, so I normally leave the last little bit. My kids don't mind though. They think it's pretty good and as soon as the jar gets 3/4 empty they come asking.. "is this empty?? is this empty??" so they can get a spoon in there and eat up what I don't care to use. :))


J'ADORE LE NUTELLA!!!! je suis un grand fan of it. je suis doing a report on nutella. haha. c'est making moi tres faim. je mange ca tout jours avec everything. par example, les pate. je suis scottish.
un jour, i might get grosse. some garcons mange mon nutella dans la avion when i was alleing to france avec mes amis. je was tres upset. mais i bought more. i also aime france tellement!

ashok selby

nutela kicks some serious aaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssss


where can you buy nutella


whats the song on the latest nutella add? please help as i've been searching for ages for it and i cannot find it!


Elmo, where do you live? I'm not sure the song is the same all over the world. That said, since I have no TV I guess someone else will have to help here.


Did nutella ever have a hazlenut on top when you opened a jar. I swear it used to.


I have to admit I never saw nutella with whole nuts in Italy. Could it be a special US edition? Anyone else with more info? I'm curious about this too.


Where can I found the huge nutella jar. I think it is a half gallon or even more. Thanks


Can anyone tell me what the song on the nutella add is??? PLEASE HELP!!!!


ive been lookin 4 d song on d ad as wel?? anyone no??

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