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May 14, 2004



wow.. never knew that one can use green peppercorns. Granny has two vines for years and I used to help her pick them. We would separate out the ripe ones from the green ones. Green to make black pepper and ripe ones to make white pepper.


Fantastic! I love them. I can never find them fresh in the US, for some odd reason, but they are always around in London Chinatown.

I use them in many things, a particular favorite being a sort of dry curry with pork. I stir fry a bit of Thai red chili paste with some oil, add some sliced pork, cook very quickly, season with fish sauce, add a bit of stock or coconut milk if it gets too dry, then julienned lime leaves, and the very last minute throw in a handful of those little green peppercorn.

Serve with steamed jasmine rice, and don't forget to chew on a pepper or two as you eat the pork.


I've got a photo of the dish in one of my blogs about cooking in London.


Martine la banlieusarde

I too was very surprised when I first found fresh green peppercorns at my local supermarket! So surprised, in fact, that I asked around if anybody could confirm it was peppercorns. No one knew, and the boss of the place, with a brave looks on his face, decided to eat one to make sure. His eyes popped out, tears fell down... "Indeed, it is", he said with a good laugh! I told the story here (in French):


Wena: I'd love to have a pepper vine in my garden (actually I'd love to have a garden first ;-)). How do you make black pepper from the green ones? I read somewhere that there's a fermentation process involved: is it true?

Pim: I knew I had seen a Thai curry with green peppercorns somewhere, I had just forgotten where. Thanks for the recipe! I'll definitely try it out next time.

Martine: Thanks for the link and amusing story, although my french is not that good I think I got most of it. BTW, I'm fascinated by your chicken with green pepper sauce recipe, never tried the sauce on chicken but it sounds delicious.

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