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May 26, 2004



Great entry Alberto, loved your thoughts on food in books. And do you happen to know if Camilleri's work has been translated into French or English?


Thanks Clotilde, nice to know I'm not the only one to see it this way. Sometimes I have the suspect I'm slightly food obsessed :-). Camilleri's books in French? Bien sur! Just had a look at amazon.fr and I guess all his books (also his historical ones) are translated in French. A good starting point is the first book of the inspector Montalbano series, in French "La Forme de l'eau".


I was once told that the greatest books are combinations of cookbooks, travel guides, diaries and medical textbooks, thrown into a pot and boiled up with some love and devotion thrown in for good measure.

Or maybe I said that...I can't remember.


Jennifer, that sounds like a great definition. Im not too sure about the medical textbook part though, they usually make me feel sick :-)

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