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May 18, 2004



Great. Thanks, Alberto -- now I have yet ANOTHER book to add to my list of must have's. That tart looks delicious; I can practically smell it. Yum.


The tart looks wonderful, Alberto. I've been eyeing it for a while, but I wasn't terribly convinced that the baked ganache would work. Glad to hear it does! I can thoroughly recommend his chocolate macaron recipe!! I'm keen to buy his other dessert book as Dave isn't quite as fond of chocolate as I am :)


How is that non-chocolate ingredients like hazelnuts make chocolate taste more chocolaty?

Nutella is heaven. This looks great.


Jennifer, thanks and... sorry :-)

Angela: I had a similar fear about the ganache. I actually think using the word ganache is a bit confusing, the tart topping is more like a chocolate pudding. I heard the desserts book is a bit "harder" from the technique point of view but I'd love to throw a look inside it anyway.

Barrett: that's something I'd love to know too. Maybe it's a taste contrast thing the mellow nuts highlite the strong chocolate.


oh my god oh my god oh my god

this sounds so good. thank you for bringing this to my attention!

recently i tried nutella gelato on the ile st louis and it did something really good to my brain and now i'm on a major quest for anything deliciously nutella.



isabelle Nutella on ice cream is great, Nutella gelato sounds even better.


Hello Albert!
I am in love with this page!


shaun, what can I say... thanks!



Thats a great nutella Tart its delicius

Thank Pierre Herme


About the butter,Is 200 gram butter=7 Tbl?
i know that 8 Tbl=100 gr butter.

Damian Demnicki

Does anyone know how to make nutella ice cream/gelato????

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