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May 11, 2004



Alberto -- perhaps I'm just being naive, but I didn't know Sicilian words were derived from Arabic! No wonder I love Middle Eastern food; I practically grew up on Italian food...things that make you go "hmmmm". Thanks!


Hey Alberto,
I have a question and it seems almost appropriate at this entry. Excuse my lack of Italian pizza knowledge; the only pizza I've had in Europe is in Lyon, France and once in a cool place in Amsterdam.

In several places I've lived in the states is a style called Sicilian. It's thick, cooked and served in a large rectangular sheet, has a slightly sweet but thick tomato sauce and mozzarella. Whether it's authentic or not, I like it, but I sometimes have Philistine taste. Anyway, is there anything like this beast in Sicily or is it just another American style pizza that's evolved over the past century?


Jennifer: You're not naive at all. I had to learn this in school in Italy, but I doubt that it is a commonly known thing.

Dave: I would guess your Sicilian Pizza is an evolution of Sfinciuni but it ain't necessairly only an American thing. I've had something similar in Sicily although without mozzarella, which doesn't seem that popular in there. Toppings of these pizzas actually varied quite a bit, but the tomato sauce/vegetables/cheese combination seemed very popular.

ron agresta

great but cant print how are to spead the word


ron, don't know what the problem is: I can print the window without problems. If you want write me an e-mail and I'll send you the text file. That sholud get printed without problems.

collecting recipes

Its hard to find caciocavallo where I am, but well worth the effort.

thanks for sharing it

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