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May 03, 2004



Alberto -- I have been wanting to make a sourdough starter for sometime now. But...the fear in my belly whenever I wander towards the kitchen with the intention of doing so has won out thus far.
Any suggestions? Hints? Tips? Secrets (shhhh!)?


Jennifer, sourdough is not as difficult as it might sound. I admit I tried twice, before getting something useable, and I still don't see where my mistake was. There's plenty of tips in books, on the web and so on, but they can be so different that the only thing that will start bubbling is your brain :-). So I'll limit myself to what worked for me. I made a rather stiff whole wheat organic flour ball of dough, using plain bottled water and a pinch of malt extract. Put it inside a bowl covered that and waited. After two days the dough ball became dry on the outside, I split the hard skin open and the dough showed loads of bubbles. I removed the skin and mixed it with new water and flour in a 1:1 ratio (this is called feeding) and went on from there, following the typical feed once a day schedule you can find almost in any bread book. The starter smelled quite strong at the start but became better and better with time. You can also start with a more fluid dough but it didn't work for me. It's actually a lot easier than one thinks.



You can trust the one available on


Marco, I'm leaving your comment up although I was quite tempted to remove it. It certainly is pertinent to the topic, but I don't feel this is the place for commercial links. Please consider this for the future.

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