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July 14, 2004



Wow! I've never, in all my life, seen a fish prepared with the tail coming out of its mouth. Thanks for the education.


karleen, I hadn't either till I read Pepin's book. I think it is a somewhat old-fashioned preparation, at least from the looks point of view, coming from the traditional French haute cuisine. It doesn't exactly fit my taste when it comes to look but I see now that it has a good reason on the taste side.


Very impressive. I like the look of both your blog and your food, though I must ask: how do you keep your camera clean while photographing and cooking at the same time?
Regarding fresh fish: recently I was lucky enough to be in Hong Kong. The fishmongers there pretty much do everything to the fish while it's alive. The sight of a live fish being descaled is not pretty. Then they chop it into fillets leaving the bladder, or is it air sac, intact and full of air to demonstrate just how fresh it is. That's not something German authorities would approve of. I'm not sure if I do either.


David, thanks for the compliments. I do get my camera dirty at times but not that often, only when I take pictures during actual cooking. I bought a large pack of camera lens tissues for this purpose. Actually on average my 2 year old son gets the camera dirty more often using his little fingers than I do cooking.
You're absolutely right about German health authorities, they'd probably get a stroke if they only saw such a thing :-)).

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