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July 20, 2004




What size did you end up getting? I've got 3 of them in different sizes and they all work great! I wondering if the sizes that are available in Europe are different than what we get here in the states.


Reid, I bought the smallest size 30x40 cm, but will probably buy the next bigger one too (40x60). Don't know what the american sizes are but here in Europe I've seen them in sizes up to 56x76 cm.


I tried to make those cookies a few months ago. The dough just would not form. I did what I could and cooked some which tasted fine. Need to try again I imagine.


I recently purchased a Silpat too and LOVE it. I think old habits die hard with me though, because I forget that I own the Silpat and still use the parchment about 75% of the time, how silly.


Michael, the dough doesn't really come together, once the flour is incorporated in the sugar-butter mixture I got a very crumbly mix. Herme' says to stop here and that's what I did: I just pressed the crumbs a bit so they'd hold together and it worked fine. The dough remains quite crumbly, especially when you try to shape it into logs but I just pressed the pieces that fell off on the log and rolled till I had an acceptable shape. Does this help?

Deb, old habits or Ellie-caused forgetfulness ;-)? At least in my case, pre-kid memory was much better!


Thanks Alberto. That sounds just like what happened to me.

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