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July 18, 2004



Hey Alberto,

Sorry this didn't work out so well for you because of the weather. I'm glad you didn't let that stop you as this looks wonderful. =) How long did you end up cooking it for? And what kind of beer did you use? Can this also be served with sauerkraut?


Reid, thanks. I ended up cooking it about 5 minutes per side, till they started turning a nice red-tan colour on the outside, but I guess it would take a bit more on a grill. The beer I used is Köstritzer black beer (I've added a link in the recipe) but many use plain pils. Sauerkraut are usually not served with this, but they'de probably make a good side... as long as there's potatoes :-)!


mustard and beer? this Rostbraetl's got to be a good thing!
sounds wonderful... especially the onions.
I think I would like to try this on the grillpan (too lazy & weather way too hot to get out the grill ; P)... it should work right?
I've never cooked with pork neck before... is it more tender than say the shoulder?


Renee, the grill pan does indeed work, that's exactly how I've done it. Grilling is better because of the extra smoke aroma but if you're lazy or in a non friendly weather zone ;-) a grill pan is great. They can even be braised, instead of grill in, but the recipe is slightly duifferent and I never tried. The neck is quite similar to the shoulder but is a bit richer in fat, which melts during grilling keeping the meat from becoming dry.


Great recipe, Alberto -- I think my own entry would be the perfect side-dish!


Jennifer, absolutely! I'm sure the grilled salad would be perfect. I think even the most traditionalist of my Thuringian friends would like the match. I'll keep your recipein mind for the next time I make rostbraetl.

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