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July 22, 2004



The IMBB.it?#2 is now online ! We're waiting for your recipe ! Please, feel free to post also in English, I'll translate your recipes ! This round is about vegetable based pasta recipes. sorry for my English...


Oh, italian food bloggers, want an italian version of http://foodpornwatch.arrr.net (as I admit, I have an english bias speaking on a teensy bit of italian)- contact me, and we can make it so!

Same for any other language out there!


iaia your English is fine, you should take part to the next IMBB ;-)


@redbeard: great idea ! There are not so many italian food-bloggers, but...
@Alberto: thank you ;)


Alberto, here in Amsterdam was raining too much to even dare grilling anything :( I'm looking forward to write somenthing for the next edition of IMBB
I don't mind to look like Roberto Benigni in "Dawn By Law" (Jarmush movie whit Tom Waits, John Lourie and Beningni, my heroes!!!!^____^)

Iaia: ^____^


Iaia, I know what you mean about the weather, here in eastern Germany it was very much like that. I'll look forward to next time. And I love Benigni!
P.S. Have you seen the new Jarmush film, "Cigarettes and Coffe"?


Alberto: well... Perhaps Elena was speaking about bad weather. Here in Rome is wonderful ! A little windy, and sunny, and warm (but not hot). I can't complain about weather :)


Oops, scusa Iaia mis sono confuso :-)!


Nessun problema :)


The closing post for IMBB.it? #2...


we're on 3° edition :-)
come and participate!!!

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