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July 12, 2004


Ron Pattinson

I share your sentiments on the importance of local products.I've always tried to support my local breweries (a little too enthusiastically my wife sometimes thinks).

It's years since I last visited Jena, but your article has tempted me to go there again. Maybe someone will have resurrected the local Jenaer wheat beer style by then.

Thanks, by the way, for your kind comments about my pages.



Ron, should you come to Jena, let me know. I'd really like meeting you in person. I hadn't herad about the wheat beer before, do you have any further info on it? Next time I'll be in the brewery I'll ask about it.

thanks for the comment

Ron Pattinson

Who knows when I'll be in Jena again. However, my mother-in-law lives in Eisenach, so it isn't totally out of the question.

All I know about Jenaer is that it's a top-fermenting wheat beer in the North German style - so pale in colour and with a lactic acid bacteria twist. The closest modern equivalents are:

- Pinkus Mueller Alt
- Leipziger Gose
- Berliner Weisse
- Belgian Witbier

Let me know if you ever plan coming to Amsterdam.



Olá meu nome é Alex sou do Brasil do estado do RJ e estou cursando o curso de fisioterapia e eu estou a procura de um caso clinico sobre forno de bier, eu gostaria de saber se de alguma forma vocês podem me ajudar. Espero resposta o mais rápido possivel, pois eu terei que entregar o meu trabalho amanhã as 18:00 hs, muito obrigado pela atenção.


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