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November 21, 2004



Alberto - these cookies look amazing! I have used a similar recipe and then made spiral cookies from it but I think I might make the checker board style next time. I just love how perfectly they turn out! And I'm certain most people would, as in your case, assume that I had bought them...I LOVE THAT!

Thanks for joining in on the cookie swap, and I do hope to see you out at the next SHF - check in at Food & Thoughts for further details (coming soon!).


Hi Alberto, this looks impressive and I hope it is as easy as you described it 'coz I hope to make it in time for Christmas. cheers!


oh my! Alberto! I'm so totally impressed! These look incredible!
checkerboard cookies have always scared me (otherwise, I'm usually quite brave ; )), but you make them sound so breezily easy.
and btw, I thoroughly enjoyed the story of you baking with Saami... I can just picture him cutting cookies like a "baker gone mad". I couldn't help smiling when I read that... I'm sure he looked so cute!


Alberto - your checkerboards look wonderful and sounds like Saami and dad had a great time - what a perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit! (PS - wish I could those cookies on the right - the corner I do see looks pretty good!)


Jennifer, thanks for your nice words. I put down the next SHF on my calendar and really hope I'll make it this time.

Celia, if you have any further quation just write a mail at my blog address.

Renee,thanks but these really are easy. Saami looked really cute, all covered in flour :-) but I'm not the one who shold say that. As we Neapolitans say "ogni scarrafone e' bello a mamma sua", every cockroach is beautifull to his mom :-D

Cathy, thanks. The corner you see is that of a spekulatius, AKA Speculoos, a spiced biscuit typical of Flanders and Germany. Clotilde wrote something about them here:


I intended to write about them but was not too happy with the taste. As soon as I find a good recipe I'll post it here ;-).


Wow! What beautiful cookies! Precision baking at its best. And I can just imagine how good they taste... Thanks for this great recipe!


I was about to comment on the cookies but what caught my attention more was Alberto's comment on the cockroach and his mom. Scarrafone is cockroach in Italian? It almost sounds like mascarpone. Does everything sound delicious in Italian? Hehehe! :-)

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