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December 29, 2004



Dear Alberto,
what an inspiration! I'm reading your blog while the duck for lunch is slowly roasting in the oven and I've just decided to make a cannellini puree as a side dish. Ok, so I have to cheat a bit - my pantry just has 2 glasses of cannellini beans to offer, but I hope if I simmer them with an onion, bay leaf, etc. it will work.
Your mention of Gambero Rosso brought some wonderful (and embarrassing) memories. About 8 years ago, while vacationing in Toscana, we were spending a day on the beach in San Vincenzo. Lunchtime came and my Schatz mentioned he saw a small restaurant nearby on the beach we could try. So, off we went - our hair still damp, dressed very casually, thinking if a restaurant was located on the beach it must be a casual little seafood place...
Of course, the staff was absolutely charming, the food out of this world, the wine list a revelation, the freshly made dolci served with espresso wonderful. So, do you think after all this time they forgot the "beach bums" and it's safe to go back :)? Felice anno nuovo!


Dana, great story! I'm not sure they'll have forgotten, but they'd be certainly charming as usual if you go back. How did the cannelini come out?


Alberto, the cannellini turned out well, altough I'm sure yours were far superior - fresh is always best, not to mention truffle oil on top. Even though I've been a foodie all my life, my culinary heritage is completely beanless, so just thanks to traveling in the Mediterranean countries I've been recently making some tentative attempts in this direction. I will try your soup recipe, it sounds delicious. The picture looks great!


Dana, alas my cannellini were dried too. Fresh cannellini season isn't up for a while and I've never seen fresh beans anywhere in Germany. Thanks again for the nice words!

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