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December 16, 2004



Alberto - these are beautiful! I haven't made yeast bread in quite a while now and look forward to indulging in something like this after the Christmas rush. Thanks for the tip about storing butter-brushed rolls - that would not have occurred to me. I also really like the idea of adding green pepper to flavor the rolls.



thank you! The green pepper idea comes straight from a recipe in Carol Field's "The Italian Baker". I've been meaning to try for ages and never got around to. In the end, instead of baking her grenn pepper bread I just tired with these rolls. Try it out, its a nice combination.


I like making bread and reading bread recipes. As you mentioned that dried yeast in many packages of yours are dead. Maybe you can try to store the yeast in the freezer, which can keep the yeast for a long time (even years! in some case). I usually buy a 500g bag and divide it into several small bottles that later are stored in the freezer.


Wildney, nice tip. I'll definitely follow it next time I buy a bigger amount of yeast. Thanks!

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