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January 20, 2005



"A New England" is a great song, whether Billy Bragg's version or Kirsty MacColl's. (RIP, Kirsty. BTW, do you know about the Justice for Kirsty website?)

I think it's a fascinating example of how profoundly the meaning of a song can be changed simply by having a singer of the other gender sing it. The line "All the girls I knew in school are already pushing prams" has a completely different resonance to me when Kirsty sings it than when Billy does.

MP3s are dangerous like potato chips. You find an MP3 blog you like and download one MP3... then another... and before you know it, you're pricing new hard drives. "Is 60 gigs big enough? Maybe we'd better get 80, so we don't run out so soon..."


Marvin Gaye is a definate in my cd collection, I think I developed a much better appreciation for his music as I got older, and had lived life a little. He died the year I graduated from H.S. and my yearbook was dedicated to him.

Thanks for indulging me and playing along, you just pointed me in the direction of some new music, especially Lullaby 6000!


Lexica, thanks for the link. I knew very little of McCall's tragic death. I absolutely agree with you about the effect the gender of the singer has on a song like this. BTW have you ever heard Billy and Kristy singing it together live? I think I'll skip mp3 for the moment, otherwise I'll have no more space on my HD for all my pictures!

Deb, thanks for passing this on, it was fun. I should probably mention that Lullaby 6000 is not a children lullaby per se, but it works great nonetheless.


OOh I missed this Alberto. Are you throwing the gauntlet my way or sommit? My musical tastes pretty much stalled in 1996 when I moved overseas. But, this looks fun. Will ponder deeply and blog soonest. Can't promise great music stories. Can't remember the best ones... heh ;)

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