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February 13, 2005



Wow! This looks and sounds fabulous!

Northwest Appalachian

Oh my god, that looks divine!!!! My stomach just yelped out in hunger.


Oh dear! I just had to gulp.


I want some, right now!


Thank you everyone, happy you liked it. Do try this at home, it is really simple (apart the caramel stripes maybe).


Alberto - Looks delicious! We still have some puff pastry left over from our SHF endeavors. The zabaglione cream will be a great way to finish it off!


Alberto! This looks just heavenly! Arrgh, another to add to my list...;-)


Is the recipe available?


Sorry--I read a little closer and saw that you did provide a recipe of sorts. Thanks!


Alberto this looks and sounds absolutely fabulous! I am so happy to see you out at this month's SHF (FINALLY! hee), and with such a stellar recipe, too!

I too have some difficulty remembering when IMBB's, WBW's and SHF's are happening - I have them all marked in my daytimer and reminders in my computer calendar...and I still sometimes forget!


Alan and Moira, thank you! These blogging events are extremely dangerous for recipe collections: mine keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Lisa, you're right, it's a recipe of sort because I did not really do this using a scale or measuring anything. The cream is something my family has been making and eating for at least three generations; we call it "cremina del nonno", grandpa's cream, since my grandfather was the one who alwasy used to make it. As you can immagine, once you do things again and again an exact recipe becomes less and less important.

Jennifer, yes I made it and as you say FINALLY! I started inserting all the events in my calendar too; let#s see if it works ;-))


Hi Alberto - Your millefoglie looks and sounds heavenly! I love your site, it's really beautiful.


Keiko, thank you for the nice words. Coming from someone running such a fantastic blog as yours makes them even nicer ;-).

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