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March 16, 2005



Welcome back in your kitchen ! ;)


Welcome back Alberto and congratulations on all the media coverage! I look forward to reading all about your adventures in the coming weeks! Cheers


Oh you're back, you're back! Eagerly looking forward to reading all about it.


Ciao Alberto,

I am glad you are finally back - I am sure the rest of your trip was amazing. Any cool kitchen photos? Was the kitchen a different experience from what you thought it would be?

Did the crew, not only the chef and his wife, open up and let you in, as in many kitchens it takes time or superior skill to be 'let' in?.?

I can't wait to read more. Outstanding choice for cover photo...THANKS!

(tentative date for return to Los Angeles...May 4th)


Thanks to all of you for the nice comments.

Ore, I'll keep most of the details for myself for the moment other wise I'll have little to say later ;-), but yes there are cool pictures coming up of the kitchen and restaurant. Regarding the "letting in" everything went quite nicely, one or two people remained more on their own till the end, but the rest of the crew was friendly, helpfull and we, after the "getting to know each other" on day one, went on well. I was probably lucky to land in a kitchen where the soul of the chef and his sous (Gianni, my man) is reflected in the way the rest of the crew behaves. The experience was certainly different than I expectd, I hadn't thought I would enjoy it so much.

Next up Al Vedel ;-)

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