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April 19, 2005


Andrew Giambarba

WONDERFUL blog, wonderful articles and especially wonderful spirit with which you write. I loved the last post about the Osteria. The single best meal ever eaten in my life and that of my father was in Piacenza in 2003 at the Antica Osteria del Teatro (http://www.anticaosteriadelteatro.it/) We remember every single dish with fond respect. Thank you for your effort with your blog.


Alberto, your posts from Italy are the next best thing to being there, thanks!
Andrew - while in Piacenza, hope you stopped in that wonderful little cheese shop. Their pecorino with truffles is out of this world...


Andy, thanks for the compliments (too kind!) and I'm happy you liked the report about il Minestraio. I've never been at Osteria del Teatro but heard quite a bit about it; it's aplace that definitely seems woth a visit if I'm ever in Piacenza.

Dana, thanks! And who knows... maybe in a year or so the number of Italian posts might go up, we have a half idea of moving back to sunny and cahotic Italia.


Complimenti bella rece :-))))



Mucca sei un miiiitooooo!!! :-))))))
(uhps, sorry for this ot!)


See? I spend a few deserved nice words on a friend, and he starts pulling my leg! Italians!!! :-)))))


Ciao, Alberto. Great post. Food, food, food. And I plan to go when we visit Bologna next visit (following our Sicility trip, that is). And, by then, I will be able to converse with your friend in his native tongue.



pedalaforte, if you're planning to visit Bologna drop me a line and I'll try to find some secret tips for you ;-).

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