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April 24, 2005



Great choice Albert. I would have never thought tuiles! They look yummy.


Your photo looks so wonderful. Nice blog you have here. I have been lurking here a lot.


By the way, how many did you get?


cooper and mika, thanks for the nice words. How many did I get? I don't know yet, about half of the dough is still in the fridge and will be baked as I go. I guess the 40 tuiles the original recipe gives is a realistic amount for 5-6 cm wide ones.

Journey Girl


Inspiration! :) My husband roasts his own espresso and loves tasting things which bring out nuances; his palate being a little under-developed, he can't pick out a flavor unless it's been picked out for him first. Having a sweet like this, with such an interesting and complex flavor combination, would be perfect. And it doesn't hurt that he loves oranges and dessert. Our anniversary is coming up, perhaps I'll add this to the menu. Thanks so much for sharing it, tweaks included.


Hi Alberto - I'm glad you chose something from one of Herme's book because I did too! I love tuiles and have made this orange one too, they are gorgeous, aren't they? Yours looks perfect and so beautiful, I agree that they are great with espresso.


When i first looked at your picture, I also thought of orange flavoured caramels too! They look very delectable!


Thanks for the compliments everyone :-).

Journey Girl: hope you give these a go for your anniversary. The twaky, as I mentioned, are mainly caused by my cranky oven so you might have to adjust your settings once more, just look at how quikly the tuiles brown and fine tune temperature and time according to that.


What a wonderful recipe! I'll have to make these...when their turn comes up on my list of 'things other food bloggers have made'.


now that is one sexy confection.
i've showed this photo to everyone in my office, and i think this is the equivalent of a BIG food turn on. great post :)


wasabi, this is the first time anyone tells me something I cook is sexy, so I'm honored . Do you think I should use these to seduce :-D?


i think germans may need some help with sexy cooking, no?


wasabi, usually speaking Italian is more than enough to obtain a sexy effect... in both cooking and else ;-).

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