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April 05, 2005



il forno.

what do you think of giada delaurentiis?



have a look at "rubber slippers in italy"


thanks alberto for the tip!


savina, you're welcome.

cat, thanks for the tip. Another blog added to the Italy blogs list.

ulteriorepicure, I have to admit I only know Gaia De Laurentis from what I read in the news, but then it would be hard to find anyone knowing who she is (or also who Mario Batali is) here in Europe and even more so in Italy. Therefore I cannot really comment on her. From the recipes I've seen on the food network website I'd say her cooking is Italian inspired, in some cases it even sticks pretty close to tradition, yet it is not Italian food.


Thank you very much, Alberto. I hope your interview will be very soon on our pages ;)


Well thank u even for the comparison with Bourdain's iedeas. will wright soon of salame di varzi and felino

Madhulika AT Jaya Teas

Give them time. Afterall, they are busy cooking such delicious food! :-)


Sarò pure rustica nel lasciare un commento scritto in Italiano ma a quest'ora non pretenderai che metta le mani al mio corso d'inglese della DeAgostini vero?!
Volevo ringraziarti per la citazione, mi fa piacere che il tuo risveglio sia accompagnato dal mio muggito: "Muuuuuuuuu"

Ciao Ciao Ciccini Riluttanti.



crazycow the incredible blogger is like god he is in every time every place without past and future.....the higlander of the young italian chefs..... :-))


ciao trogolo, bello legegrti da queste parti ;-)


I love Italian food and have been addicted since I inherited a Italian brother-in-law. The home made wines and sausage. Just love how they sit at the table after supper is done and continue to talk and pick away at the food till its all gone. My brother-in-law has 3 restaurants in Edmonoton AB.( Franco's) and he has a Italian family that supplies him with home made sausage which is a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. They have a hard time to keep up with the demand, if I want to buy some to take home with me I need to give them 3 weeks noitice and even then I'm not quarateed any sausage. I have attended 4 Italian wedding and that is a experience in it's self, absoulutley incrediable. Make sure you don't eat for a day or two before you go and sleep two days extra just so you can keep up with the rest of the party.

I am about to retire in a few years and have started the search for all kinds of good restaurant suggestions and comments from people thru my blog site. Italian Restaurants have to be one of favorite places and hope I can have a list of all kinds from all over the world by the time I'm ready to travel. I'm actually hoping to have my brother-in-law join us in our travel to Italy, he not only has relatives their but can speak the language which will be awesome. But if you or anyone can help with any suggestions or comments on other places in the world I welcome them--thanks for your time.

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