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May 13, 2005



When will the Digital Dish's italian translation be?


rusvit, who knows? If DD becomes a success we might ask Owen about that ;-).


Well, we shall have to see. Initial sales are slow, but I am hopeful that the launch and associated publicity will help. I have a friend who is an EU translator (although I don't think Italian is one of hers) and she has lots of good translation contacts. But we need some sales and success first...



It didn't take me long to decide on this purchase! I am tremendously impressed with the quality of your blog and the other food blogs that have made your list. These are all excellent reads on their own, with the added advantage of email help and discussion. Cooks on your computer, ready to delight and instruct. After about a decade on hiatus from cooking for myself and my family, it's wonderful to have this resource. Best of success to Digital Dish.




thank you for the extremely nice words and best wishes. And always happy to "delight and instruct" :-). I know my copy is on its way and I really cannot wait to see the finished book.


can I buy a digital version with PayPal?


No idea, you should contact Owen directly to know that:


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