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May 31, 2005



So I'll hear your voice ? ;) I'll be at the Conference...


Yes you will; I'll have to practice my sexy voice I guess :-P :-DDD.


Do you mean Roncaglia from the la sapienza stats department???
Anyway, best wishes for next thursday (I suppose I'll be there too), ...
(il cavoletto)
ps: saw Igles last week and he told me all about that weird meet you ate alla locanda.... :-)))


Sure! You're fully qualified to rapresent the wine-food bloggers in that bunch of serious scholars. An ancient wise said that being an expert is not necessarily the best way to profit from something.
In bocca al lupo!


Couldn't have picked a better representative! Wish I could hear/attend.


Great that the "conventional" media is paying attention, and great that you are taking part - will be eagerly waiting on the report confident that we have an excellent representative of the food blogging world to put all of them right!


Sigrid, I have to admit that I have no idea who Prf. Roncaglia is. Too long away from Italy I guess.

So Igles told you our little secret... all I can say is that the meat was fantastic. And I won't add a word ;-).

Rusvitt, grazie! Will you be there?

Owen, thanks! I hope to get at least a chance to spend a few seconds on Digital Dish (I'll have 10 minutes or so), it fully deserves to be mentioned at such an event.

Ronald, promised, I'll try my best to put them right. We know how stuck up academics can be, don't we :-D?


Hi Alberto! I'm sorry but I'll not be in Rome and I'll not hear your "sexy" voice...
I'm received from California my copy of Digital Dish and I'm reading it. It's a "delicious" book, I've posted about it on my blog a second time. I like to publicize Digital Dish because it's a real blog-book ( Owen is the writer and the publisher, moreover he's a food-blogger...fantastic!) Ciao :-)


Ciao Alberto,

It has really been too long. Congrats on the vocal trip to Roma. Buona fortuna!! It really is too bad you wont even be able to taste the little goodies that will be prepared in your honor!

Anche, totally awesome last few posts. Sono tornato a stati uniti e c'e qui troppo casino - io non trova il tempo per scrivere, ma maybe now i will givbe it another shot.

Have you seen the new Back in LA page yet?



Rusvit, I hope Owen doesn't mind if I split hairs here, but he is ONE of the writers in the book. That doesn't diminish his great work at all: co-author, editor, publisher, PR man and clearly a blogger... a bunch of talent you will rarely find in any one person :-).

Hi Ore! Nice to hear from you. I had missed the Back in LA blog, but will definitely keep an eye on it from now on. Happy you liked the last few posts: did you take a look at the tamerice picture gallery? If so, what do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion.


Alberto, You're right! Digital Dish is an "orchestral performance"! :-)


Alberto -

Killer photos man. My favorite was the painting of the farm animals at the entrance to the restaurant.

The photo of the bread master was my favorite as you can see how professional the kitchen is. Nice, clean floor, and baker - MAKES GOOD BREAD.

Did the pass have a heating element to keep the plates hot *while plating* (heat lamps, etc.??)

I noticed the lack of this throught many of the restaurants I visited and worked at in Italy?


Ore, no lamps. Nonetheless the plates did not get cold at all: hot plates, quick expediting and very quick waiters.

Still, those lamps seem like a good idea and if you noticed the same thing in other restaurants I start wondering if it's just an Italian thing or if there's some technical reason for that. I'll have to ask Igles next time I see him.

You're right, the bread was really good and the kitchen was religiously kept clean, and sweeped, scrubed and washed after every service.

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