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May 03, 2005



sidney blumenthal, former clinton aide, author of 'the clinton wars' writes for the guardian.


e, thanks for the info, at least it explains where the mistake in the Repubblica article comes from.


can i be painfully honest when i say i find categories such as "best restaurant in the world" to be laughable. and it's just as asanine when one culinary nation puts up a stink over an article published in a brit paper declaring some locale literally, the best place to eat.

taste is fundamentally a subjective thing.

but then again, restaurants are filled with egos (usually), so toes are bound to be stepped on. But it's got to be about the food. period. if you feel like you stick to high standards and do the best you can, who cares what one lone restaurant publication in london--pardon me for saying, is a late-bloomer in culinary consciousness--says.

what'll matter is how the place imparts on the individual's memory--the folks who stop by on recommendation from a local, the folks who stumble upon it, etc. they'll go home with their own opinions (without ever having heard of these publications, be it brit, italian, french, american) and to be part of that food memory is perhaps the most important of all. it gets to the gut of the matter. without intellectualising it...excessively.

perhaps everyone should just have a glass of wine and take a breather. the world moves on. there are other publications and other silly awards to vie for.

my two cents...plus inflation and exchange rate.

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