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May 16, 2005



Sounds like a great experience! If only I had enough time to do something similar ...
But where in Italy is that Locanda della Tamerice? Maybe I can drop by on my next trip.


Imre, thanks for pointing my missing the essential "where is it" info, I'll forget my own head next! Just added the details to the post.


This is really great! Especially how you described the working atmosphere, all kitchens should be like that! So, are you planning to go back again sometime soon?


Amy, just wonderingbecause of your comment on kitchens: are you a cooking professional or student? I'd love to go back and spend more time there, but it's not easy. I have a "regular" job I need to get back to, though the desire to quit it and work in the kitchen has definitely gotten stronger since my time in Ostellato.


I think your xml is not working properly....


Could you be more explicit? I see no problem whatsoever.


Clap, Clap, Mr. Alberto.
Beautiful report and photo.
La Tamerice si great with Igles Corelli and Pia.


Hi! I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the thrill of the job,etc. even with those kind of hours. I worked in the same environment and wanted to do it for the rest of my life - I loved it! However, I would never see my family or my partner, so unfortunately, I chose otherwise. I hugely miss it though.
Thanks for sharing your experience, it brought back my memories.


Dreska, I should thank you for sharing your experience. I very well know what you mean, and it's nice to see others feel the same. But as Mucca said, I cannot avoid thinking the experience was so nice because of the people there, foremost Igles Corelli and his companion Pia, who are simply exceptional. Would it have felt the same elsewhere? I'll just have to try out I guess ;-)!


Hmm! You made me thinking there. About the people. We had a fantastic team, fun and the hard work. We worked well together, we didn't mind staying late, it seemed like we didn't want to leave for the night! I think you are right. To have an excellent leader(chef) is important as well as the rest of the team. They need to share the same enthusiasm, otherwise, they won't last in this tough environment.(my humble opinion)


Hi Alberto, replying your question: No, I don't have experience working in a restaurant kitchen (next year I'm planning to), but everyone knows how tough it is, I've watched Iron Chef hehe... so I figure it must be nice when the chef is like how you described :)


Oh yes, the famous Iron Chef :-)!


I sow in Tamerice web site the chance to do this kind of "stage",if I was indecisive now I am really SURE I will do it even if it is quite expensive
thank you very much


Lucia, I would check with the people at Locanda della Tamerice regarding the stage price. Conditions are quite different depending on what you're looking for. If you want a short "stage" (more of a cooking course actually) I think the prices are those you have seen. If you are a cook and are looking for a longer stage things might be quite different.

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