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June 06, 2005



Hi Alberto - Looks good! I didn't even realize you could eat turnips raw. I suppose only the baby ones are good that way? About the maple syrup - perhaps you could glaze the pecans with it.

clare eats

That salad looks great.

Perhaps your could glaze the turnip slices with maple syrup?


Cathy, I think the "normal" turnips could be eaten raw at the cost of a really slow and troublesome digestion, but to be hoenst I never tried. Maple syrup glazed pecans sounds great, I'll definitely give it a try.

Clare, thanks. Glazing the turnip slices is something I had definitely not though about, I'll try it out to see how it works.


now that's a well-balanced meal--wonderful way to use the whole plant. and yes, caramelization makes this humble root veg heavenly.


wasabi, reading all these enthusiastic opinions on caramelization I'll have to give maple glazed turnip slices a try!


Hi Alberto,
I just wanted to let you know that after reading your post about the baby turnip salad, I went to the supermarket to find it. It was there, but it was obviously not very fresh, and a little pricey. So I waited a few more days until the weekly outdoor market that´s held in the Turkish neighborhood in Berlin. There, I easily found several stands selling Mairübchen. It was so cool to go from reading about it in a blog, and then seeing it in person! This time, the baby turnips were fresh and rock firm to the touch. I bought four for 1.50 euros. That was Friday, and I haven´t had a chance to prepare them yet (I bought so much produce from the market, it´s ridiculous) But I imagine a salad like yours will highlight its freshness the best. Thanks a bunch for this timely and seasonal post!


Amy, you're more than welcome! I love that "from the blog to the plate" feeling too; reading blog recipes, especially those for IMBB, has been a great source of ideas in the past year. Saves all the time I used to spend breaking my head about what too cook for dinner :-).

clare eats

Hi Alberto :)

Tag your it!

I have tagged you for the Meme from Delcious days

I can't wait to see what you write.



I just knew I would get tagged :-)!

clare eats


Daria M.

Hi Alberto,

I just posted a comment about this on Viv's site, but I would like to reiterate here that I think it's quite ridiculous that the roundup to the last IMBB has not been posted yet... 2 weeks after the fact. There has to be some sort of deadline so we can quit visiting the site to check if everyone's entry had been written up. I don't really care that there were a lot of entrants, either. Others have managed it.

Sorry to interrupt your regular (quite enjoyable) posts and feel free to delete this comment--I just needed a quick place to vent.



I can understand your concern and disappointment, though I don't necessairly share them.

Bloggin is, for most of us, a hobby and a passion but it is not our job. IMBB? relies completely on the volunteer work of a number of passionate food loving bloggers, and as such there will inevitably be times when our life/day job catches up and prevents us from doing things as we would like. My own lack of posts in the past month is caused by exactly this reason.

Viv was kind enough to step up at short notice and fill a slot gone vacant in the IMBB? hosting timetable, and this although she had already told me she would be very busy during this time. From my part I can only be greateful to her for what she has done, and I find the criticism understandeable but not deserved.

clare eats

Alberto where are you! I am still waiting for your flatbread ;)

Robert Kim

looks very very tasty! since my father is korean, i grew up eating lots of korean dishes. koreans love to use raw radishes and turnips in salads. we ALWAYS use turnip greens too--in salads, in soups, or drying them for later use. (they take on a flavor somewhat different than the fresh--kind of like porcini). che gusto!


dove stai, alberto?
i miss the new posts :) hope all is well across the pond!


I miss you too - hope everything is alright.

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