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August 12, 2005



Your German is amazing, is there a place that I can read about how you came to live in Germany and a bit about where you are from?


Alberto - that is a great story. How wonderful that you are helping your son to develop a palate. So many kids I know only get fish fingers, and chicken fingers, and mac cheese. It's really atrocious "kids meals" have taken over in the US.


Synchronicity! I was just thinking how Saami must have grown since the last time he made an appearance on his dad's blog.

Don't worry about the little boy, he'll grow up to be a gourmet. It's in his DNA! :-)


Gia, thanks but that's actually my son's German and there's even a mistake in there :-). My German is not that bad but not half as good as my English unfortunately. And you just reminded me that I should post a new "About me" page. I promise I'll do so soon, so stay tuned.

Elise, I wish my reasons were as noble as the one you list. It would make me definitely look good, wouldn't it? Unfortunately I fear that it's more my food snobbishness than health issues (not that I ignore those, but still) that's influencing my decisions when it comes to food choices.

Karen, I'll trust your opinion on Saami's DNA and try to worry a bit less ;-)


I am sure it's in the DNA - I haven't met Saami but I have Alberto and his father - and the food history and love seems to be deep in the deoxyribonucleic acid of this family!!

It's good to see you back my friend...now only if I can get that ball rolling again...


Ore nice to read from you too. Hope things are fine at your grill station across the Ocean :-).


Ciao Alberto!

I grew up in Switzerland, I was surrounded by wonderful chocolate and - yes!- I loved Mars bars when I was 13. Only with about 18 I detected my deep love for dark chocolate. Gladly, my parents gave me a Mars here and then and never tried to convince me that the "best" chocolate is the best chocolate for me. I guess I became persuaded by their faces when they ate good food.

Kids need soo much time to develop tastes and likes and dislikes. "Wu wei" say the Chinese (don't act). If it's in his genes - all you need to do is to eat and cook what you like (and carefully cook what he likes) and to wait patiently.

"Se sono rose, fioreranno" said my grandma always.


Nice to see a parallel between Chinese philosophy and Italian sayings! You're absolutely right and sure enough we try not to force our son but rather use the "look on our faces" method a lot. The least I can say is that it stimulates Saami's curiosity a lot.

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