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August 01, 2005



Welcome back, you have been missed by this blogger from NYC. Hope some of the the things that have kept you away from us are going in all the right directions you had hoped.


Glad to see you back posting, Alberto! Good luck and much success to all your future endeavours!


Deb, it's too soon to know if things are going in the direction I hope, but at least they started moving. You know how it is: every journey begins with the first step.

Karen: thanks!


Finalmente!! (check my spelling, my Italina is horendous) So glad you are back. I just found your blog before your "vacation" and was sad not to be able to read more. I find your posts really hilarious, educational and the photos gorgeous. Can't wait to continue reading.


Glad to read you are back! Missed your posts.


Gia, your spelling is perfect. And thank you for the flattering comments, I'm not sure I deserve them but I'll take them anyway. Great to find someone else blogging from Italy!

deccanhuffalump, I'll try really hard to give you enough to read in the near future :-).


glad you're back, alberto, have been missing your posts! this summer's been quite slow in terms of my own blogging as well, i guess we all suffer from the same hectic lifestyle and more appetite for eating than blogging sometimes!


Hi Johanna! You're definitely right about the hectic lifestyle and appetite for eating. It does have a positive downside though: afterwards there#s plenty to blog about ;-).

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