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September 05, 2005



Oh what a tease! :-P

Thanks for blogging on site Alberto! I'll keep check for the Italian Food Deep Throat (IFDT...?) reports regularly.


This is a tease - does Sorrento export canned tomatoes or is our only hope of tasting them if we should pay a visit to the region?


Ah, I can never get enough of the ripe stuff when it's in season. Just indulged in a plate of sliced heirlooms--zapotecs, brandywines, golden boys, and others whose names I can't pretend to know.

Sunshine and dirt never tasted so good! Thanks for sharing this Italian treasure :)

P.S. Alberto, you've inspired me--finally got a blog going. Maybe another place we can exchange recipes for fried chicken and tomato creations!


It would be great to get those great gastronomic tips region by region!


My ancestors were from the Sorrentine peninsula and mozzarella producers. Their version of the insalata caprese substituted dried oregano for basil (Sorrento's oregano being another one of her specialties) and added sliced raw onion in rings together with the tomatoes and fior di latte mozzarella.


Karen, new reports are coming up. What do you think I've been doing the last two weeks in Italy ;-)?

Cathy, unfortunately the tomatoes are just made for salads so even if somebody canned them it would be a waste. You'll just have to travel to Italy once more :-).

Deccanhaffelump, that's definitely an idea. There's quite a few insiders tip on Campania and Sicily coming up soon.

wasabi: best of luck with the blog... when will you create a fried chicken and tomato jello mold for us ;-)?

Pat, thanks for the suggestion. I'm just drying up some self-grown oregano and now I just know how I'll use it.


At Breakfast with Pandora, I've got a post on pre-tomato Italian cuisine. Ugh. Sorrento and the Bay of Naples were made even more perfect by the introduction of the tomato.


Dave, just read the post on your blog. I agree that Roman cuisine (and wine, diluted with sea water at times) definitely would taste very weird, if not disgusting, to us today. Still do give Thai and Vietnamese fish sauce a try if you haven't. The smell of the pure sauce is quite potent and not necessairly inviting to Western palates, but once you add it to food in moderate quantities it changes giving a unique and extremely tasty note to food.

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